5D vision

thermal control system

Vision 5D thermal cameras measure temperature conditions during centralized polymer deposition printing.

A 5D database (x, y, z, T°C, t) is generated in real time. This eliminates the need for costly non-destructive testing once printing is complete, and reduces production costs (by reducing and optimising  human intervention, reducing material wastage, etc.).


controle insitu
in situ control

At the heart of the process, thermal measurements control 3D printing.

setting assistance

Help to define the optimum printing parameters for a given material.

defect detection

Thanks to AI, faults are automatically identified and located.


Real-time transmission of any corrective action to be taken by an external heating system.


Scan rate Adjustable : 1 -> 80 Hz
Covered print zone 80 x 80 mm
Resolution 494 x 364 px (more on demand)
Video Thermal (Optional : Optical)
Temperature range 0°C -> 900°C
Post-processing 2D graph for thermal evolution, around the printing tool
Defect detection with IA Inconsistent extrusion, Unsticking filaments, Hot spots, Blobs, Stringing, Clogged Nozzle...
Digital twin - 5D data (X, Y, Z, T°, t) file (.HDF5) - Ready to use for physical simualtion and process optimization
NDT Report Alerts, Defects locations and types...